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Tear Your Ticket Tonight cassetteCheck out this awesome tune recorded for the movie! If you like 80’s hair band rock then your gonna love this!

“Tear Your Ticket Tonight” – by Curt Wootton and The Hawkeyes


City of pittsburgh

“This Old Town” By Joe Grushecky and Jay Wiley



Comments (4)

  1. Ryan Navolio

    Not gonna lie, it was better then I was expecting!! Major props to Curt for going outside his comfort zone!!

  2. Nicole H

    I’ve watched the movie more than once so has my 6 year old daughter!! We love the movie and we love BigFoot!! Can’t get enough we even got matching Ts😁

  3. Nicole H

    Love the soundtrack too!!!

  4. Matthew D.

    Have seen it twice on big screen nd own the dvd. Gets better and better each time i watch it. Almost makes me want to move to Ellwood City.

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