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Bigfoot the Movie’ a Delightful & Comedic Creature Feature

by: Nicholas J. Spacek | February 28, 2017

With Bigfoot the Movie, director Jared Show — who co-wrote the movie with Curt Wootton — has crafted a monster movie with laughs. Calling it a horror comedy is almost off the mark since Bigfoot pictures fall a little more in line with creature features, but it’s definitely an entertaining picture which leverages low-budget charm out of every scene.

“I ain’t huffed gas in nearly four years. This is real!”

Right before the opening titles, the viewer sees two yinzers, Chuck… Click Here to continue to the article.

Horror Geek Life:

Screen shot 2017-03-19 at 8.11.32 PMBIGFOOT: THE MOVIE (2015) – A HAIRY STORY OF FRIENDSHIP! by: Justin Corbett | Bigfoot: The Movie is about as much fun as you could expect to have in rural, backwoods Pennsylvania. That is to say, quite a lot – if you enjoy drinking, shooting stuff and hanging out with your best pals.

The story focuses on two best friends, Chuck (Curt Wootton), and Dale (Nate Magill), who witness the death of their friend Daryl (Bill Crawford) at the hands of Bigfoot, following a night of drunken partying. After some nay-saying from the authorities, they decide to enlist the help of their good friend Burl, the exterminator (Jared Show) in their quest to hunt down the monster. Click Here to continue to the article.

Movie Review-Bigfoot-The Movie (DVD)

by: JAMESD | MARCH 15, 2017

Review-2017 is going to be a fun year for direct to video films. All the darlings of 2015 and 2016 festivals all seem to have a label and a release date. Hollywood, you should be worried. I have heard for over a year plus so much hype for this film called “ Bigfoot:The Movie”. Let’s be honest, a film about Bigfoot is a tough sell. People have seen so many positive and negative films about this legend. We even had “ found footage” films that put the Bigfoot myth in that done to death category. When, I heard Wild Eye Releasing was putting this film out, I knew then this had to be something special and not just some hype. I am here to say, Jared Show has made a film that while misleading at times, is downright hilarious and so worth a watch. The film follows some rednecks who team up with a exterminator to try and kill the Bigfoot who claimed their best friend. Just the premise alone is worth a smirk. The biggest positive to this experience is the enthusiasm the cast bring to this film. The story felt fresh and unique. Click Here to continue to the article.

bigfoot the movie new poster

I enjoyed Bigfoot The Movie much more than I expected to. The cast is great and has excellent chemistry – the high point being Curt Wootton as Chuck, who gets some of the movie’s best one liners. His line during the final fight scene against the Bigfoot is completely ridiculous. The real star of the film is the script by Show and Wootton, which features some great comedy and makes you laugh, sometimes when you know you shouldn’t be. Case in point: A man and woman are parked at a makeout spot. After getting in a fight because the woman refuses to have sex, she is pulled from the car by the Bigfoot. As the man runs through the woods after her, he screams something to the effect of, “I’m sorry I asked for a blowjob!” It happens to during a pretty tense scene and it was hilarious. Click Here to continue to the article.

The Blood-Shed:

‘BIGFOOT’ CAUSES SCREAMS AND LAUGHS – Spoiler FreeScreen Shot 2017-02-26 at 2.07.11 PM

by . Chuck (Curt Wootton) and his two pals, Dale (Nathan Magill) and Daryl (Bill Crawford), are partying the night away in Ellwood City, PA.  Things go sour when Daryl is killed by Bigfoot.  Shortly after, Bigfoot goes on a killing spree.  Along with their friends, Kate (Joanie Dodds) and Burl (Jared Show), Chuck and Dale plan to kill Bigfoot and stop the carnage.  This might be difficult seeing as Mayor Carl Devlin (John E. Lane Jr.) knows more about the attacks than he’s letting on. Click Here to continue to the article.


This is must read. This guy gets it! Thank you!

This movie LITERALLY features the main characters getting drunk in a graveyard (dotcom)

This movie LITERALLY features the main characters getting drunk in a graveyard (dotcom)

While Pittsburgh’s contribution to cinema is kind of relegated to obscure movies that nobody has ever seen, like Jack Reacher or the shitty Batman, sometimes, something important is made here that begs to be seen. I’m of course talking about Bigfoot: The Movie. Bigfoot: The Movie is a horror/comedy starring Curt Wootton, who you may know as Pittsburgh Dad. Or not… have people from outside of Pittsburgh actually seen Pittsburgh Dad? Anyway, he’s somewhat of a local celebrity, and whether or not you enjoy his schtick, it’s clear that he gets how silly typical Yinzers are. It’s also good to see him doing something different, and I always root for local people making good. It also features Joanie Dodds, the runner up from season 6 of America’s Next Top Model, which I take a tremendous amount of pride/shame in knowing without looking it up. So, we’re working with some degree of “star power” here… At least more than most low budget horror flicks are working with. Click Here to continue to the article.

Demons of Celluloid: Reviews from Hell


Posted by .

The Rating:  4 out 5 Bloody Handprints.  Great horror/comedy and best thing to happen to bigfoot movies since Abominable. The Movie:  Wow did I love this one.  Maybe it was the whole Pittsburgh thing but in the subgenre of very, very bad bigfoot films it’s nice to see a good one.  Granted this one is a comedy but I’ll take good horror/comedy anyday over bad overall movie period.  I throw this in the pile with Exists, Legend of Boggy Creek, Abominable, The Abominable Snowman, and the rest of the very few great Sasquatch movies.  Three regular guys battling a beast no one believes in and making us laugh the whole time. Click Here to continue to the article.

Darkest Goth Magazine:

Dale bigfoot the movie

Posted by . I was surprised to learn that this was Jared Show’s directorial debut, and he also co wrote the script.  This is a great first movie for him and I look forward to future films.  Editing, lighting, and cinematography are all great quality for an independent debut.  There’s also some choreography for a quick dance at a bar that worked really well and added quite a few laughs.

The score and musical selections were a great match for the mood of the film.  Especially for a chase sequence when a young girl is running from Bigfoot.  I’m not particularly a fan of southern music but no other style would have been appropriate.  When rock music wasn’t playing you heard music similar to what is found in 80s and 90s horror/action films.

The actors are not at all amateur… Click Here to continue to the article.



A TUMB’S UP for ‘Bigfoot’ n’at – By Scott Tady –

We first meet our heroes late at night, as they’re barreling down a back road in a jacked-up Ford truck cranking some Donnie Iris. Click Here to continue to the article.

Allied News:

bigfoot the movie grove citybigfoot the movie grove city‘Yinzer-Riffic’ Movie is Monster Hit; ‘Bigfoot: The Movie’ met with laughs, applause – Bigfoot came to Grove City Friday night, and the hairy creature’s visit was met with applause and a lot of laughs. The Guthrie Theatre in Olde Town Grove City hosted “Bigfoot: The Movie,” a comedy/horror flick that was filmed in Ellwood City and funded by a Kickstarter campaign that raised $100,000. “It’s hysterically funny,” Cynthia Alexander of Hermitage said after watching the 95-minute film with her friends. Her friend Linda Parker of DuBois enjoyed the “campy” movie and the fact that it was produced locally. Director, producer and writer Jared Show, who also stars in the movie, is from Ellwood City; he lives in Los Angeles. “Sometimes it’s not such a parody to me,” she said of the western Pennsylvania references featured in the movie. Click Here to continue to the article.

City of pittsburghPITTSBURGH’s Action News 4, –
“Bigfoot The Movie,” a horror-comedy that was financed through a Kickstarter campaign and filmed in Ellwood City, is debuting this weekend. The cast is headed by Curt Wootton, better known as “Pittsburgh Dad” on YouTube. Pittsburghers will also recognize Bill Crawford from the WDVE morning show; Jim Krenn, a former co-host of that show; and Joanie Dodds, of Beaver County, who was on “America’s Next Top Model.” Click Here to continue to the article.

102.5 WDVE Rocks:

Bigfoot the movie old producton still with jared show curt wootton nathan magillRandy Baumann & the DVE Morning Show – The movie is about three Ellwood City men in 1989 who attempt to find (and kill) Bigfoot, who supposedly killed their family members and friends. The DVE Morning Show’s own Bill Crawford makes a cameo. Click Here to read more

Jim Krenn’s Podcast “No Restrictions”:

Here’s Jim Krenn’s Podcast “No Restrictions” where he was nice enough to have Curt Wootton & Jared Show on as guests to talk about Bigfoot The Movie! Yinz should check it aht!

You Can’t Handle the Truth:

Bigfoot the movie posterBigfoot: The Movie/San Andreas: – With so much local talent (and so many friends of the show) involved in the horror comedy BIGFOOT: THE MOVIE , we couldn’t resist the urge to dedicate some time to it this week. Sean and Aaron review the film and talk with director Jared Show and star Curt Wootton live at the premiere party — plus, Sean reviews The Rock in SAN ANDREAS! Click Here to continue to the Podcast.


Bigfoot the movie Ellwood City-made ‘Bigfoot The Movie’ stomps into nearby theaters: – ELLWOOD CITY — Bigfoot goes toe-to-toe with The Rock and Emma Stone this weekend — well, at least at several local movie theaters. Click Here to continue to the article. By Scott Tady

Ellwood City Ledger:

Jared Show as "Burl"

Jared Show as “Burl”

Council marks ‘Bigfoot Week’ in Ellwood City – In recognition of the coming release of a movie set and filmed in and around Ellwood City, borough council designated May 26 to June 1 as “Bigfoot Week” in Ellwood City.

Councilman Ralph Chiappetta proposed the celebration to mark the release May 28 of “Bigfoot: The Movie,” directed by Riverside graduate Jared Show and starring Curt “Pittsburgh Dad” Wootton. Click Here to continue to the article.

Ellwood City Ledger:

‘Bigfoot’ set to arrive May 28 Later this month, Ellwood City will get its turn on a Hollywood-style red carpet, in a manner of speaking.

“Bigfoot: The Movie,” set and filmed in and around Ellwood City, will have a gala premiere at 7 p.m., May 28 at AMC Theater at the Waterfront in Homestead near Pittsburgh. Cast members — including Curt “Pittsburgh Dad” Wootton — will be on hand for the initial public showing. Click Here to continue to the article.

Bigfoot the movie still

Inside the Making of Bigfoot the Movie with Creator Jared Show – When Jared Show traveled to Ellwood City to film Bigfoot the Movie, he had no idea that his hometown would be so accommodating. “I was amazed at how supportive and helpful everyone was,” Show said.

Show grew up in the Ellwood City Area and attended Riverside School District. His grandfather used to tell Bigfoot stories. That, combined with his love for campy horror movies such as Tremors, were the inspiration for Bigfoot the MovieClick Here to continue to the article.

Ellwood City Ledger:

Bigfoot the movie production still

“Bigfoot” shoot benefitted local residents  When the California number turned up on Danielle Morabito’s cell phone, she thought it was a telemarketing call. Morabito was with her mother when the call came in last October, so she ignored it. But she checked her voicemail a few minutes later and was glad she did. The call was from Jared Show, director of “Bigfoot: The Movie,”…Click Here to continue to the article.

CBS Pittsburgh:

Bigfoot the movie producton still with jared show curt wootton nathan magill burls van

Local Filmmaker Makes “Bigfoot” The Star Of New Movie  Fuzzy monster from the Stone Age? Or just a clumsy guy in a cheap gorilla suit? Either way, the legend of Bigfoot lives on… Click Here to continue to the article.

The Ellwood City Ledger:

Bigfoot the movie behind the scenes jared show, joel wallis

“Bigfoot” sighted in Ellwood City area – In what could be called Yinzer Method acting, Jared Show dug into a plate of Oak Grove Inn wings Monday morning.

Moments later, Show, director and co-star of the independent horror-comedy film “Bigfoot: The Movie,” would gnaw on the wings while arguing about whether pigs eat tinfoil — you’d have to see the movie to understand… Click Here to continue to the article.

Bigfoot the movie Production still jared show

ON LOCATION with Bigfoot: The Movie – Director and actor Jared Show began filming Bigfoot: The Movie on Friday in Ellwood City. On Monday, the cast and crew moved to Oak Grove Inn on Portersville Road for a daylong shoot. Show referred to the sequence of shots as the “big acting” scene for his character, Burl. “Someone personal to Burl just passed away… Click Here to continue to the article.

‘Yinzer horror’ film doesn’t take legend of Bigfoot too seriously – Bigfoot has been sighted in Ellwood City. OK, maybe not the Bigfoot, but these three dudes saw it. And maybe they drink a bit much, but they’re otherwise really reliable. OK, maybe not that reliable, but they’re going to find him. It’s personal now. “Bigfoot the Movie,” starring Curt Wootton — best known as the Internet-video phenomenon “Pittsburgh Dad” — and a bunch of local comedians — including Jim Krenn, Bill Crawford and Mike Wysocki — is almost finished. Beaver Falls native Joanie Dodds (“America’s Next Top Model”) adds a little Hollywood glamour, but only a little… Click Here to continue to the article.

Bigfoot the movie old producton still with jared show curt wootton nathan magill

Top ten stories of 2013 – 

#1 Bigfoot: The Movie

Ellwood city bigfoot. A few years ago, a movie trailer was filmed in Ellwood City, but not many people were aware of it.

On Oct. 21, Jared Show, along with Curt Wootton aka Pittsburgh Dad and Joanie Dodds (ANTM), confirmed that a movie would be filmed here based on that trailer.  Borough residents stirred in anticipation as the cast and crew planned to come to town from California to shoot in November. Show and Wootton both used the term “Yinzer” to describe the feel of the movie.  After a month of filming in cold, wintery weather, the crew went home for the holidays.  They plan on returning for a few more shots in the upcoming months.

#8 Bigfoot filming at Oak Grove Inn

After months of speculation, the cast and crew of Riverside High School graduation Jared Show’s movie began filming in Ellwood City. went on location to catch a glimpse of the upcoming movie.

The Oak Grove Inn hosted the shoot for an entire day, and Show was kind enough to allow interviews and still shots.  The expected release date for the movie is Halloween 2014. Click Here to continue to the article.


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