Bigfoot the movie dvd cover albumExcited to announce that we have a distribution deal with Wild Eye Releasing! New DVD cover art but still the same awesome movie! As always you can purchase directly through us at our store or you can now obtain the movie at Family Video, Dark Delicacies located in Los Angeles and Forbidden Planet in New York City!

Theatrical Preview

Bigfoot The Movie is not a documentary or like Harry and the Hendersons. If you like the movie Tremors then your gonna love this! In this comedy/horror flick mullets, guns and beer are in full supply as the movie skewers the Pittsburgh ‘Yinzer’ stereotype right alongside the Bigfoot myth. The movie features some of Pittsburgh’s most famous and best loved celebrities like Curt Wootton (Pittsburgh Dad), Joanie Dodds (America’s Next Top Model), Jim Krenn (stand-up comic, formerly of the WDVE morning show), Mike Wysocki (WDVE), and even veteran news anchor Darieth Chisolm (formerly of WPXI) among others.

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Theatrical Preview #2

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  1. I’m from the PGH area (dahn in Warshington caunty), but live in Michigan now. I’d like to know it this movie is going to be released on the internet, since I assume it won’t play in cinemas in Michigan.
    And another thing, in the trailer there looks like a scene was shot in a cemetary, looks like the cemetary in Night of the Living Dead, in Evans City. Is it?

  2. Bigfoot The Movie

    Eric- The movie will be available for purchase on our website here soon. You will be able to obtain a copy of the movie via Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download. The cemetery scene was filmed in the Ellwood City area. We thank you for being a fan and will announce our release dates soon on our website and facebook.com/bigfootthemovie

  3. Great information. Lucky me I ran across your site by accident
    (stumbleupon). I’ve saved it for later!

  4. Melinda

    Reminds me a bit of Strange Brew, lol

  5. Matt Price

    You guys can take my money, I’m ready to watch this now!

  6. Stacie

    Love it!!

  7. Julia Wyler

    I’d love to cozy up with that big red haired guy in the preview. Can’t wait to see this movie!

  8. Ray Curley

    Just watched the trailer, great interest in seeing the entire film, Funny Shit! Laughter is what we all need! Best of Luck !

  9. Dave Groves

    I just heard of this. I’ll check it out at the Strand. Im a researcher and have had a close up encounter 5 years ago. I just saw the pre-releases of 2 other movies at tbe ohio bigfoot conference. Something in the woods and Minerva monster. Must be the year of the sasquatch. Looking forward to this one.

  10. Ken Goldberg

    Trailer looks like fun. And if Jason Wildes says it’s funny ……..it more than likely is. Will let you know.

  11. Fuzzy Friends

    I just finished watching “BigFoot The Movie” and wow. I am amazed just how wonderful it was! It really was a blockbuster and a must watch. It has a lot of swearing and drinking but that makes it even more funny! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!

  12. MSD

    foot; fact. I was in my backyard in Ohio and it was about 8:00pm dusk, during summer and the scream the Bigfoot let out made me run into my house sprinting then grabbed the biggest knives, a double pronged chef fork and I shut every window locked it pulled the blinds shut l LOCKED the front and back door ran into my fathers room where he stored his shotgun and stayed in there with all the lights out holding a flash light and cracked that window about a half inch, so I Could hear Bigfoot coming. I did not leave that spot until one of my parents came home. I never went out into my backyard alone again by the woods and to this day won’t;fact! No joke, THAT scarey! One other note: The next day my neighbor said to ne and my father when we were at the burning barrel that my father used to recycle consumables to use the ashes for fertilizer, my neighbor came down started talking and said,” did you guys here that Bigfoot last night?” I didn’t say a flippin word because I knew then I was right and did not know how to handle telling my father and neighbor that I about peed my pants passed out and NEVER EVER want to go in those woods again. Thee largest intimidating intellectual apeman I could ever NOT want to see again!

  13. Jessica

    The cast was awesome at dependable… signing my kids t shirt and posing for pictures! If anyone goes to the movie please DO say hi to the cast! Kiddo got a kick out of seeing the people IN the movie IN Person! And like any summer night-keep an eye out for big foot!!!!!!!

  14. Connie

    Just watched the movie in Ligonier. Lots and lots of laughs. So glad I went. The cast members are wonderful. Very friendly, personable. Autographs and pictures added to the fun. Thanks so much for the local showing. Looking forward to the sequel!

  15. Jacob

    Will “Bigfoot the movie” be in stores?

  16. Hi Jacob,

    We are hoping for a nationwide release towards the fall. When we get closer we will announce it on the website and the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/bigfootthemovie

  17. I just watched “BigFoot The Movie” and got wow exprience. I am amazed just because it is wonderful movie! It is a blockbuster movie every one should watch this. It is funny! Really.

  18. Bruce G.

    Best movies I’ve seen in awhile! The best part is that it is totally original not the rehash reboot redoes that you see coming from hollywood.

  19. Ruth Barkey

    Hey guys. I’m the geek girl who pelted you with questions at tonight’s screening in Indiana. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the hell out of the movie. My brother(the guy who owns the costume shop) Laughed at me when we left the theater. Apparently only a nerd like me would recognize a guy who sold me a ticket once at a comicon. Thanks for answering my barrage of questions. Good luck and imminent success to you all.

  20. Ron

    Got to see the movie and meet two of the stars. We laughed out butts off. Way too funny. Two great guys also. Glad I bought the movie… I’ve already watched it again. Great Job!!!

  21. Dixie

    Finally got around to watching the movie I ordered a month ago. Hilarious! Well worth the money. Talented actors with a redneck humor. Lots of cussing and drinking…but I’d rate it PG for content. Hope you do a sequel.

  22. Loved this movie! Met curt,Nathan, & Jared-great bunch of awesome actors! Hope this film goes even father-enjoyed the country setting with country folks-like me ! I’m a comical guy like “chuck”. Is there souvenirs you can buy from the movie? I’ve been telling my friends about the film. I’ve got to visit Elwood city where the movie was shot. Wish the movie & you actors all the best- drop me a line -thanks-later- BOB .

  23. Joscelyn T

    Just watched this with my mom and my husband. Cracked us up! I grew up in Koppel. Hung out in Ellwood City my whole life. I loved this. We laughed the whole time and anytime we saw a place like the oak grove inn or the bar in the beginning scene. It was awesome. I live in Steubenville now but no place like good ok Lawrence county pa.. yinz did a great job 😂

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